I’m a videographer and video editor too. Here’s some links and examples:

My youtube channel: mainly commercial jobs, but also some non profit and volunteering.

My Vimeo Channel: Mostly technical & creative experiments, personal works. Usually higher quality than YouTube.

Here are some individual examples. I highly recommend playing these on full screen!

This clip shows the building of a hanging bridge at the famous tourist site – Rosh Hanikra Grottos. Shot over several months.

The Spring, form Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Played by Keshet Eilon Students led by famous violinist Gilles Apap. Shot on two different locations and dates with three cameras, recorded on sites, and edited seamlessly together.
This is real music by real performing artists! Turn up the volume!

A scenic clip, shot on RAW format – Very high quality format, preserving color and detail.
Almost everything here is by me. The music is by Saint-Sans, but the arrangement and production is by myself.

Another scenic film, showing some extreme magnification, and again shot RAW.

A really short clip with some really extreme macro shots – this is video, not stills: if you pay attention, you’ll see my reflections moving around.